Tea Tree Bath Bar (Pack of 3)

Tea Tree Bath Bar (Pack of 3)


Purify your skin with Passion Indulge Tea Tree Bath Bar. Enriched with the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil, this soap will give you a clean and clear skin. It may even be effective on acne scars and fungal infections.



    • An aromatherapy-based herbal bath bar
    • Enriched with tea tree extracts
    • Provides a surge of freshness and rejuvenation
    • Has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties
    • Sterilises the skin from germs
    • 100% vegetarian handmade bathing bar
    • Free from paraben and harmful chemicals

    Tea Tree essential oil, Aloe vera extract, Almond oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Raw cane sugar, Veg Glycerin, Castor oil, Rice bean oil in soap base. Natural origin.


    Passion Indulge offers high-quality, natural, handcrafted, vegetarian therapeutic cosmetics based on the healing power of essential oils. The products are conceptualised and developed under the guidance of Ayurvedic and cosmetic doctors and experts. All the ingredients in Passion Indulge range are carefully handpicked from the Natural Ingredient List of Ecocert